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5 Sep

Snowmobile Clothing for men, women, and children

The biggest sport of all times that helps people to conquer every mountain is snowmobiling. Unlike skiing that involves climbing to the mountain top using a lift, the snowmobile roars on the track for riders to enjoy every turn while applying every riding skill. It is a challenge that whoever tries always commits to doing again. When I started a snowmobiling club in the Rockies, the main objective was to help all people to enjoy every snowmobiling moment. Up to date, I have come to appreciate the importance of having the right snowmobile clothing for safety and warmth. Here are the main snowmobile clothes for men, women, and children.

Fitting winter boots

Having the right winter boots is crucial for making the feet comfortable, warm, protected and ensuring that entire time out is enjoyable. The boots provide extra grip to firmly control the snowmobile and even walk easily on the dust. It is important to ensure that the boots are made from water-proof material and have a layer of wool lining on the inner part. Besides, they should be fitting and reach well above the ankles for a better grip and comfort.

The right pair of gloves

A pair of proper gloves is part of the most crucial riding gear. They help to repel water and the wind in order to keep your hands warm and in full control. It is advisable to look for gloves designed with wool liners because for extra warmth because the hands will always be on the handlebars of the snowmobile. Note that the gloves should allow for free movement of the fingers to make the control of the snowmobile easy.

Snowmobile suit

When people go for snowmobile training sessions, the first thing they are told to acquire is a snowmobile suit. This comprises of a snowmobile jackets worn over a pair of insulated bibs or pants. The suit plays a crucial in protecting your body from cold, frostbite, and wind. The outer part of the apparel should be waterproof and windproof to protect all the innerwear and electronic devices such as smartphones and smart watches. It is advisable to go for the jackets designed with synthetic or acrylic materials.

The head gear

When you venture out snowmobiling, the ever changing weather, adding layers of dust and uneven tracks raise the risk of tipping over. If riding at top speed, the risk of falling off is even higher. To keep your head properly protected, you need to have the right helmet. This will keep your head free from injuries in the case of a collision or even tipping. Just like the winter boots, your helmet should have a fleece lining and fit well to prevent direct wind and frost bite.

Eye protection

Once you set off on the mountain, the chances are that others are already on the tracks. As you try to wade through the dust the loose particles being hauled to your face can easily cause serious damage to the eyes. You need to have the right eye protection such as clear glasses to protect the eyes and the face. Note that the glasses should not compromise your vision when riding in the dust.

To snowmobile up in the mountain safely, the first thing is getting the right apparel. However, you should also follow the basic riding rules, ride in a team, and always be in control of the vehicle to remain more secure.



13 Mar

Snowmobiling for Beginners

The face of all frozen mountains gives those who love snowmobiling an irresistible urge to conquer them. At the heart of the Rockies in Colorado and other top mountains, rushing at top speed on the ice trails will give you a unique connection to nature. For a novice, a hand in snowmobiling will make him to always head to the mountains for extra thrill. However, beginners must understand the game well to drive through the snow safely and without breaking the law. Just like other winter sports such as skiing, snowmobiling also requires some training. However, this only takes a very short while so that you can drive in the snow like a pro. Here is everything you need to know about snowmobiling for beginners.

The apparel to wear

The mountain climate is mostly wet with snow falling progressively. The clothing you select should, therefore, keep you warm and free from water. Consider selecting warm clothes made with layers of fleece, a snow bin, and an outer waterproof winter coat. A neck gator will also be important to protect water getting into the body through the neck.  You should also have a fitting helmet to protect the head in case of an accident. For a better grip on the riding bars of your snowmobile, you need appropriate gloves.

Join a snowmobiling club and get the right snowmobile

In North America, the popularity of snowmobiling has seen over 3000 clubs started to help members enjoy more. These clubs are spread all over the high altitude especially in snowmobiling regions. They provide new members with all the information they need and even advise on the type of vehicle to buy for extra satisfaction.

Travel with an outfitter when going snowballing for the first time

Unlike other winter sports such as mountain riding, snowmobiling requires a knowledgeable guide. You should consider riding with an outfitter because he understands the terrain well and knows how to seek help in case of a problem. Many are the times when the tracks change suddenly after avalanches or snow accumulation. An outfitter can be associated to one of the many snowmobiling clubs or work with other companies. Some of them even provide safety equipment for their clients when going out snowmobiling for the first time.

The right trails to follow

Though snowmobiles are designed to conquer even the toughest terrains, a beginner should consider simpler challenges. Take a closer look at the main target to assess the level of skills expected to conquer them. Some trails follow meadows while more challenging expeditions take on open bowls and steeper pitches. The guide helps you to follow the right terrain for the right challenge and fun.

Ensure to consider restrictions

While snowmobiling is no doubt a great sport for the entire family, there are limitations that you must understand before setting out. For example, Colorado restricts children under the age of 10 from snowmobiling. Other states that allow snowmobiling for kids have limitations on the extent they can go up the mountains. Remember that the snowmobile you take should have the necessary license just like a car before getting out enjoying a ride in the snow.